We fine tune radio & digital campaigns across the country generating positive results for our clients!

  • Radio Dial Marketing, LLC was established in February 2003 with the sole mission of becoming the radio advocate of businesses and not-for-profits. Since then, we have become an advocate for television schedules, billboard campaigns, and web-based campaigns as well for our customers.

    We provide the expertise needed to negotiate and coordinate broadcast campaigns, and we also create authentic, highly effective broadcast advertising for our clients.

"We have had wonderful feedback from our audience, staff and Board concerning our spots produced by Radio Dial. It is a new direction for us, so obviously there was the natural amount of tentativeness as we stepped into the process. However, Tom and his staff have done a great job of not just producing for our exisiting audience, but understanding The Play House and recognizing where we could best market to a new audience."

OUR PLEDGE: Our service will improve your current media position with regard to scheduling, promotions, and most importantly, creative approach without adding a cost to your expense ledger for our services.

The Ear Influences More than the Eye

The human ear is amazing, and yes, it is more powerful than the eye.

Our ears are always on, even when we sleep, and their direct connection to the cerebral cortex enables us to process sound very efficiently.

Nothing can replace the importance of your ears (and sound) in marketing. In today's move, move, move society, video without audio is a big mistake. Getting in through someone's ear is truly 'getting through.' Build brand by 'intruding' on your potential customer's subconscious. Why do you think you remember the words to so many songs?