Get Into Your Customer’s Brain Long Before They Buy

Do You Have a Consistent Message or a “Sale” When Things Slow Down?

Do you know an advertiser that reacts to sluggish sales with inconsistent advertising campaigns that focus on the price of the product?

Bombarding potential customers digitally with great offers might generate endorphin-producing results from time to time, but focusing only on price will eventually become an obstacle to success.  The prospect needs to hear more about you.

If your product is expensive, chances are prospects spend a lot of time thinking about what and where to buy what you sell.  They weigh a lot of things.  Radio’s intrusiveness gives you their ear LONG before it’s time to buy.

Understanding how long your customer takes to make a buying decision for your product is the first step to effective communication. Here is a simple way to look at the stages a prospect goes through before they buy:

    • Awareness
    • Interest
    • Desire
    • Action

The intrusiveness of radio establishes your relationship with prospects long before it’s time to buy.  If you’re only doing price-related digital advertising, you’re building a short-term relationship that a competitor can ruin in a heartbeat.

The goal of advertising is very simple:  Make prospects think of you when it’s time to buy.  No business has built a reputation with only digital advertising.

Digital by itself cannot define your business long term.