Build Relationships

The following statements are widely considered good principles for building lasting relationships with people:

Be yourself.
Tell the truth.
Care about other people.

Why is it any different in business?  The following principles are good to remember when communicating with customers and transacting business:

Customers like real people.
Customers don’t want to be mislead by advertising or salespeople.
Customers come back again and again when they believe you care.

Wouldn’t this be what you want to communicate in your advertising?

Be who you are.  They just might like you.               
Avoid the hard sell. No one talks like that in person!                                           Genuinely care for your customers.  

Radio allows you to educate, overcome misconceptions, and lead customers to your website.

Radio gets your business into prospect’s ears, and this is an often overlooked critical step.  Have your potential customers heard of you?